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changbai mountain
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     Www.goocbs.com is the JiLin BoYuan Tehnology Co.,Ltd company invests the undertaking, take the Changbai Mountain resources as the backing, to purchase the Changbai Mountain special product the friend, the enterprise provide the good shopping, the allocation center.
    Www.goocbs.com bases in provides the best Changbai Mountain special product service for the global consumer.

    After several year painstaking effort, the growth becomes the production and sale coordinated process the comprehensive enterprise, Www.goocbs.com in the Chinese area by the green high quality natural product and the good faith service, wins the user community the deep affection and many partner approval and the support.

    Follows the Chinese people to expend the enhancement, the Changbai Mountain special product relies on “the green not to have the pollution, the health care raise the appearance” the healthy idea, is becoming “the cherishing, green health” pronoun. Www.goocbs.com countries and so on products outlet Japan, South Korea, US, Canada, Eastern Europe.

    JiLin BoYuan Tehnology Co.,Ltd company is the home most specialized, the most authoritative wild large-scale fungus, for medicinal purposes fungus, the edible mold mushroom spawn purchase unit. The wild ganoderma lucidum to illness and so on tumor, cancer, hepatitis, heart blood vessel of brain gets sick has the very good effectiveness.

    Every year the wild ganoderma lucidum buying and selling quantity amounts to over a hundred tons. The even Ganoderma applanatum,Fomitopsispinicola,phellinus igniarius,Chaga,Coriolus versicolor the majority exports Japan, Korea.

    Stated: Issue other websites (www.goocbs.com) possesses the product which and the correlation legal dispute other cause with this company has nothing to do with.

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