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Phellinus chrysoloma Introduction
Phellinus chrysoloma,Phellinus pini
Phellinus chrysoloma(jiang jihong)
The name of document:
Phellinus chrysoloma(jiang jihong)
Phellinus pini(Brot.:Fr.)A.Ames
Phellinus laricis(Jaczewski in Pilfit)Pilfit
Introduction   The Pharmacological effects
Phellinus chrysoloma of pharmacological effects
At present, phellinus chrysoloma is the best tumor suppressor of the plant in the world.
Can kill cancer cells, inhibit cancer cell regeneration, the fruiting body of hot water extract of mouse sarcoma
180 of the EAC and the inhibitory rate reached 100%.
The effectiveness Phellinus chrysoloma:
1. On the cancer cells inhibited the rate of 99% to prevent recurrence and metastasis, rapid pain relief.
2. So that the platelets and white blood cells, red blood cells to normalize.
3. Transaminase rapidly.
4. Produce tumor necrosis factor.
5. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy to enhance the efficacy and reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy
6. To enhance immunity.
7. Reduce the complications and drug resistance can be used as tumor chemotherapy in the treatment of drugs, liver drugs, immune agents to use.

[The main efficacy]: pine needle-containing bacteria, for the treatment of esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, and so on, can improve the patient's symptoms, such as increased appetite and weight, to alleviate pain, and sometimes visible tumor Reduced, reducing the ascites. Significantly improve the patient's immune cell function and prolong survival in patients with a view to improving the quality of life.

[The amount of usage]: pine needle-containing powder 30 grams / day , a three-month course of treatment, cancer patients should be used for a long time.

Phellinus chrysoloma Price
Phellinus chrysoloma,Phellinus pini
Wild Phellinus chrysoloma
Phellinus chrysoloma,Phellinus pini
Wild Phellinus chrysoloma
Phellinus igniarius Powder
Phellinus chrysoloma Powder
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Wild Phellinus chrysoloma
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Phellinus chrysoloma picture
Phellinus chrysoloma,Phellinus pini
Phellinus chrysoloma,Phellinus pini
Phellinus chrysoloma,Phellinus pini
Phellinus chrysoloma,Phellinus pini
Phellinus chrysoloma,Phellinus pini
Phellinus chrysoloma,Phellinus pini
Phellinus chrysoloma article
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