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Chaga Introduction
Phaeoporus obliquus or Chaga
Chaga or Phaeoporus obliquus
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Introduction   Product research
Phaeoporus obliquus Extract or chaga P.E.
Chaga Attending functions
Chaga powder for diabetes cure rate of 93%

[Attending functions] the treatment of diabetes, cancer, AIDS, anti-aging, infectious virus effectively to prevent high blood pressure, improve the prevention and allergic cortex, hepatitis, gastritis, duodenal ulcer, nephritis clear Treatment. And vomiting, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal disorders have a therapeutic effect

Chaga  Price
Phaeoporus obliquus or Chaga
Chaga Tea
Phaeoporus obliquus or Chaga
Amount Price Transport Arrival time Total
Wild Chaga
(Standard goods)
180 US$/kg
5-7 Days
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Chaga picture
Phaeoporus obliquus or Chaga
Phaeoporus obliquus or Chaga
Phaeoporus obliquus or Chaga
Phaeoporus obliquus or Chaga
Phaeoporus obliquus or Chaga
Phaeoporus obliquus or Chaga
Phaeoporus obliquus or Chaga
Chaga article
Chaga is a kind of medicinal fungi in Russia, its active ingredient has caused the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries for a wide range of great importance to researchers. According to a preliminary study, Chaga with Cheng fungi hole alcohol, oxidation triterpenes, lanosterol, Trametes acid, folic acid derivatives, aromatic herbs of acid, syringic acid, and so on.

1955 Moscow Medical (The Medical Academy of Science in Moscow) announced that Chaga for anti-cancer substance, the Government approved a Chaga (fluffy white birch) can be used for the development of pharmaceuticals. Chaga to the United States (fluffy white birch) included in the "special natural substances", as the future of the universe who drinks. Japan took the Chaga as liver cancer, AIDS and the treatment of 0-157 E. coli poisoning agent, and apply for a number of Chaga patent.

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Ganoderma applanatum
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Phellinus igniarius
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Phellinus chrysoloma
Fuscoporia punctata
Coriolus versicolor
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