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The methods of taking wild ganoderma
1.The ganoderma lucidum slice, the scrap or crushes the powder, boils up the ebullition after cold water, then boils 5-30 minutes.

2. Defer to the amount used, generally adds water 500-2000 milliliters. Usually may boil repeatedly 2-3 times, then may discard the ganoderma lucidum.
3.Wild ganoderma lucidums the tea drink, do not limit the quantity, according to likes drinking personally. May put in the crystal sugar, the brown sugar, the dried ripe fruit Chinese matrimony-vine blends flavors, and the ganoderma lucidum takes with any medicine food has not been promoted, may also take.

4.Household utensils requests: Hard and the aluminum system's pot cannot use, the earthenware cooking pot, the soup hot pot suitable to use, the stainless steel household utensils are quite good.
5.Wild ganoderma lucidums belong to warm, belongs to the nutritional therapy, shows results slowly, needs to insist to take, is sure not for three days to fish for two days to expose to the sun the net. According to individual physical condition, 7-45 days can have the feeling. Takes best for a long time.
Warm prompt
(1). Attention: At present in the market has many French businessman business, the version does not sell without the distinction counterfeit wild ganoderma lucidum (with wild ganoderma lucidum imagination mushroom many), if eats by mistake, not only harm health, even causes the death, creates in enormous physiological and the psychological injury to the consumer, therefore asks everybody `to collect lucky ' the wild ganoderma lucidum well-known trademark.
(2). Store: The packaging products are stored correctly according to the description of products to finalize the design.
Raw materials are stored: Don't put the moist place in the dark, need to ventilate and air shining frequently, so as not to be damaged by worms.

Unsuitable to stand for long time, raw materials is 2 years of quality guarantee period.

(3).Close one's eyes dizzy response: Not getting up to close one's eyes dizzily, symptom does not heal

The hot water extracts of wild glossy ganoderma, does not have any side effect to the human body, there are not any dependences. Some patients on the initial stage of taking (1-3 weeks) might appear the mouth, be, the stomach is uncomfortable, slight diarrhoea or constipation phenomenon, changing individually may present rash, urticaria, slight edema. The patient with more serious conditio.

So piece needn't the alarmed when being some response during being the applicable. It will be good after closing one's eyes

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